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These are our marvelous mommies and mommies-to-be here at Wrinklypaws. If you would like to see pedigree’s of our girls or more pictures of their past babies, shoot us an email at We are always more than happy to answer questions


Wrinklypaws Mariam is from Dawson and Eustace, Grand daughter of Lila and Tucker! She is such a total sweetheart just like her Mom and Grandma <3



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Wrinklypaws Georgia is from Berta and Eustace, Niece of Severide. She looks so much like her Mama when she was this age. She has very out going personality she would love to play with anyone and everyone.


Miss Lindy is a Wrinklypaws Wilma x Severide baby, she is also the Grandbaby of Jewels and Eustace, Great Grandbaby of Gracie and Tucker. She is quite the energetic lady she loves to run and play.

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Wrinklypaws Gabby is from Dawson and Severide, Niece of Berta, Grand Daughter of Lila and Tucker. She is quite rambunctious and LOVES to be the center of attention!


Wrinklypaws Wilma is a 2016 Jewels and Eustace baby! She is such a sociable girl she loves anything and everything. She is quite vocal, she definitely lets you know when she has something on her mind.




Wrinklypaws Bessie is also from our very own Della and Eustace. She is marked like her mama a full coat Black and Tan also born October 30, 2016.

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Wrinklypaws Dawson if from Lila and Tucker. They sure did make a gorgeous girl for us. She has her mamas temperament through and through. She loves attention and is just as gentle as could be.

Wrinklypaws Berta is a full sister to Severide. These beauties came to us from South Carolina. Berta is a rather large girl weighing 120lbs and just as sweet as could be.

Jewels is one of our beautiful girls from our Gracie (who has since retired) and Tucker. She definitely has her mama’s sweet and laid back personality with alot of her daddies look!

Wrinklypaws Mildred is from our very own Modd and Eustace. She has a very quiet personality, she just adores people. She is a perfect combination of her parents.

Modd is a uniquely marked Black and Tan Bloodhound, she is definitely the chunkier of the 2 she stays are 92lbs. She is a bit more outgoing than her sister she is always up for some lovens……Modd retired in 2016 but she and Tucker gave us Wrinklypaws Dawson to continue their lines!

Della is a beautifully marked Black and Tan Bloodhound, her and her sister Modd came to Wrinklypaws from Kentucky!! Della is a smaller weighing around 80lbs. She is a corky girl, some times she plays the shy card other times shes right there waiting for her attention…..Della retired in 2016. She and Eustace gave us Bessie and Myrtle to continue on her lines!!

Lila is a stunning light Liver and Tan. She has the most affectionate personality out of all the Bloodhounds I’ve met, she absolutely loves people!….. Lila retired in 2017 to the most amazing home. She is being spoiled beyond belief and boy does she deserve it!